We stay united with our customers to provide planning proposal solutions.

We at Glosel handle a wide variety of merchandise from semiconductor and electronics part manufacturers both in Japan and overseas, including products from Renesas Electronics, which boasts top class shares in the global automobile and industrial fields. As a technological trading company, we combine the technical capabilities we have cultivated over many years to provide a one-stop shop for meeting more advanced and more diversified customer needs. Furthermore, we added attractive merchandise, namely an in-house brand of semiconductor strain sensors, as a new business in 2018 and now handle substrate products that support the ever-expanding field of IoT to contribute to the construction of a smart society.
With the capabilities of a semiconductor trading company, development capabilities for software and LSI, and the capabilities of a fabless manufacturer such as research and development and quality assurance, our company will exert our unique strengths in cutting-edge fields to provide a one-stop shop for added value beyond simply providing products, thus helping support your technical innovation. While uniting with our customers to understand their needs, we aim to collaborate with semiconductor and electronics part manufacturers and partner corporations to provide technical proposals from the planning and design stage.
We hope you look forward to solutions that connect customers to semiconductor and electronics part manufacturers to create value that only Glosel can provide.

Business Introduction
Business Introduction